Application Development

ThoughtGreen is expertise in designing, developing and hosting applications that are made to work in a robust environment and giving end user the best quality, speed of internal reporting and operational decision-making. Our services in Application Development & maintenance include:

  • Design & Architectural Services
  • Custom Application & Its Enhancements
  • Applications Made From Scratch using our SOA Methodology
  • Applications integrating with existing ERP applications
  • E-Business & Web Portal development

Rapid changes in business practices and evolving requirements cause lot of inceptions in software. When the organization initially looks for using software from any product based company, the organization must forecast its usage comparing to its evolving business practices. Now a day, the cost of enhancing the software application itself is equal or sometimes more than buying new software. The cost has to be analyzed based on risk of development and the chances giving rise to possible inceptions for further more requirements.

ThoughtGreen always suggests the practice of developing and using Service Oriented Architecture Applications. This would help ThoughtGreen's customers to easily scale the current business practices without worrying the cost/risk of enhancing the current software product. ThoughtGreen also comes into picture when variety of web applications is to be designed to the existing SOA applications. Our services in Customization Services include.

  • Cost Estimations using Function Point Analysis Methods
  • Detailed GAP analysis report
  • Analyzing the current business scenario
  • Custom Web Manager Applications based on User-Role-Task

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