Document Management System

Many companies are still following paper based documents and the entire process of Creation, filing, editing and sharing of documents is done manually which is inefficient, costly and unsustainable. In medium and large scale organizations where paper work is enormous and documents are physically archived over the years. It becomes a hectic, time consuming and costly affair to keep track of documents. Mostly organizations do not realize the loss they incur by maintaining documents physically. To search a document with a decent age, organizations do not only waste human resources but also valuable time. And the chances of misplacing or even loosing a document is very high and marginal incompetence and carelessness while handling documents of value can prove disastrous for organizations.

Any organization can overcome all the hazards by adopting electronic and automated approach for document management. By doing so, proper workflow structures can be incorporated to create, modify, access, review, approve and search documents.

ThoughtGreen has developed a web based application "Document management system" that is efficient and powerful enough to meet the requirements of medium and large scale organizations.

Document Management System

ThoughtGreen´s Document Management System has following features.

  • User Role Management System using Global Address Book.
  • Workflow Based Document Management
  • SMS & Email Documents
  • Document Tracking System
  • Powerful Search Engine & Reporting System
  • Version Control Management & Periodical Backups etc..,
  • Reports and Metrics
  • Security and Access Control

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