For any organization success doesn´t come from standing out of an overcrowded market but comes by standing in the market with unique and better ideas. Information Technology is a champion partner to any business to come up with new horizons. ThoughtGreen specializes in IT innovation and software services with an urge to provide substantial, sustainable and scalable benefits right away.

  • ERP Wider
  • Document Management
  • Online Product Portal
  • Knowledge Portal
  • MailRoom
  • Decision Making System (User-Role-Task Managed)
  • Stock / Inventory / Accounts / User Management System
  • Indent / Quotation / Order / Invoicing / Billing System
  • CRM / SCM Modules Enabled
  • Production Tracking, Online Orders/Stock Status System etc..,
  • Customized Reporting System (Email, SMS enabled)
ERP Wider
  • User Role Management System using Global Address Book.
  • Workflow Based Document Management
  • SMS & Email Documents
  • Document Tracking System
  • Powerful Search Engine & Reporting System
  • Version Control Management & Periodical Backups etc..,
Document Management
  • Product Management at Warehouses and Sub-Warehouses.
  • Supplier / Stock Management at Warehouses
  • Variety of customized Interfaces for each client / contract
  • Track/View order status, order history
  • Messaging/Accounting/Support system for all managed users.
  • Customized Reporting System for both clients and Vendors.
Online Product Portal
  • Secured Web Portal (User-Role-Task Managed)
  • Category Based Information Management
  • Powerful Search Engine & Reporting System (PDF integrated)
  • Audio & Video Streaming
  • Library Management (Department Specific)
  • Discussion Forums (Department Specific)
Knowledge Portal
  • User Role Management System using Global Address Book.
  • Customized Postal Mail Entry Forms.
  • Periodical Postal Mail Informative System using SMS & Email
  • Postal mail Tracking and Return-Delivery System.
  • Customized Reporting System.
  • Postal Rack Management

  • Client satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances and requirements
  • Our attention is to originate good designs through our technical excellence.
  • We deliver high performances with a constant desire to excel, satisfying highest level of industry needs.

Sports Timing Services

  • World´s leading timing technology.
  • Zero failure rate.
  • High-tech and easy to use
  • Works in all weather conditions.

Application Development

  • Design & Architectural Services.
  • Custom Application & Enhancements.
  • Service-oriented architecture.
  • E-Business & Web Portals.

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