Security and Identity

One of the major domains, ThoughtGreen is expertise in providing Security & Identity Services. ThoughtGreen's Security & Identity products services are backed by its research people including Market Analysts, PHD scholars, Production Analysts etc.., . ThoughtGreen partners with Worlds Leading Organizations to deliver high end services backed by their partner’s products.

Very few companies really know how, when and where Biometrics & RFID has to be used and ThoughtGreen specializes in it. Even though there is huge increase in the number of companies selling and promoting Biometric & RFID products, most of the companies are not able to deliver the right solution. Following are the causes observed by ThoughtGreen on how their competitors failed.

  • Finding the right product for the client requirements
  • Verifying the suitability of product at Client Geographical Conditions
  • Lack of Implementation of Change Management Procedures
  • Does the solution increases the business, reduces the current cost of working in terms of time & money.

ThoughtGreen effectively manages all the above problems mentioned. Check Below.

  • ThoughtGreen for Hardware Management, partners with World's Leading organizations who cover more than 40% of their products in Security & Identity Management Solutions
  • ThoughtGreen provides the Certifications of Hardware products and its usage at various Geographical Conditions
  • Process Model implementation for the successful USAGE of Security & Identity products
  • ROI is proved and backed by case studies which are provided by our ongoing clients

CCTV Management, Biometrics (including thermal & optical based biometric fingerprinting, IRIS), Identity Management, Secure Access Control Services, RFID in production tracking, human tracking and sport events etc.., are few of the services we provide.

Email us to [email protected] or [email protected] to find out how to use Security & Identity Management Services to be done for your organization. Also ask us where we did it, based on your requirements and ask us a proposal on what we can do for your requirements.

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